What I'd love to do for you

Mudboots Creative Art and Photography is all about catering to your needs and being there to capture the most beautiful of moments.

Mudboots is a Bloemfontein based photography service provider that loves capturing artistic details be it for marketing or production .  I love and specialize in wedding, capturing the love between two people just make ones heart warm.  I am not just limited to artists and weddings….tell me your vision and I will make it come to life!

As a photographer I understand that people are different and even though some may be naturals when it comes to getting specific details; some  may for example be unsure of what they want. That’s the added value of Mudboots, I help guide you until you feel at your most confident and therefore making it easy to get the most beautiful angles. When I capture photos, I make sure they represent something you might look back on years later and still fall in love with as though you are seeing it for the first time.

Most of my clients have complemented me on how patient I am and how comfortable I make them feel and that for me is a greater accomplishment. There is no use  having hundreds of photos that you absolutely cannot bear to look at. Any high quality camera can take the best pictures, but it is how you look in them and how they make you feel that matters……..which is why I go an extra mile and meet my clients in person before the shoot, just so I can get the best picture about what they wish to achieve.

If I see a glow in your eyes during the shoot then my heart smiles because photography is such a fun journey…..and it should be fun for both you and I.

Let me take you on ride………..

Inside my bag

The camera does not make the photographer. Someone that has never used a camera will not get the same quality pictures as a true artist, even with the best equipment.

Simply put, great photographers take even better pictures with the right equipment. Like any art form, only two main variables exist: the artist and her or his material and technology.

Mudboots uses two Full Frame camera bodies, for backup and continuity purposes, enhancing your peace of mind …

Mudboots uses a selection of  lenses to achieve the best possible photographic result for every moment, whether your picture is to be taken far, near, or right here. A high quality flash, reflector and light triggers contribute to my creative edge.

We also have top of the range video gear including sliders, LED lights, 3HD camcorders, mikes and more to make sure your dvd has perfect sound and image.

Mudboots Team


Anneska van der Spoel

owner/ head photographer

I graduated with distinction from Planet Pixel School of Advertising in 2010, after migrating from a career in the legal profession. The then “Krant”; now “Bloemfontein Courant”, bestowed upon me the Best Student Photographer Award. Having previously founded Mudboots, I decided to nurture and grow the brand and realise my vision of authentic, artistic photography. I believe that I am only as good as my last picture.

I continued to advance my knowledge in Photography by enrolling at Shaw academy where I obtained my diploma in wedding photography with distinction. Since we all know experience can only be obtained by doing, I second shooted for various established photographers including Kaleidoscope Studios, Iflair Photography, Eloise van Rensburg Fotografie, Palm Photography and Go Urban. I now have more than a 50 weddings behind me and I am confident that I can capture your wedding, couple, family as well as any event beautifully, creating lasting memories.

The Mudboots brand is heavily influenced by my finely developed sense of creativity and my passion for people. I love to engage with clients and prospective clients before important events, to ensure good vibes between the camera and the client.

Des van Rensburg is a formally trained engineer turned self-thought videographer. He has more than 200 wedding behind his name as well as big production like they annual Grey Music festival. As a hands-on videographer, he can’t help the tears that run down his cheeks with every bride he films walking down the aisles to say goodbye to her dad and stand alongside the man she knows to be her happily ever after. He knows that it’s not all about the tech stuff, it’s about the heart of the story.

His video style is traditional documentary  blending into the background rather than cinematic style direction. He knows exactly how to set up in the ceremony and reception to capture every emotional moment for you to watch over and over again.  The couple shoot can be a complitation of photos or the documentation of moments and fun.

Your final product will be delivered in a specially designed case made just for you with your dvd or blue-ray video.


Des van Rensburg

head videographer