Advice from Lindsay Coetzee – Owner and Baker at Whisk Gourmet bakery Bloemfontein

What an absolute pleasure it was to chat to Lindsay in her very welcoming 1950’s style kitchen. Lindsay has taken the cupcake and wedding market by storm, creating deliciously beautiful decorated cupcakes and cakes.

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Facebook:  whiskcupcake

Tell us a bit about Whisk?

Whisk Gourmet Bakery is a company founded in 2017. It is run by two dynamic women, Lindsay Coetzee and Mariehette Le Roux. We have a passion for baking and we strive to be the best, creating exciting new flavours and making beautiful creations.

What advice would you give a bride when choosing a wedding cake?

Start planning as early as possible. It is awful to turn away a bride 3 days before her wedding because she forgot to book her cake. Know the style that you want, get on social media for examples. Point out exactly what it is about each photo that you like.

Do you specialize in a certain kind of cake?

No, we do a wide variety of cakes, cupcakes and macarons.

Are there any question you feel each bride should ask a baker before ordering a cake for their wedding day?

Make sure your baker knows exactly what you want and that they are capable of making the cake that you desire. Rather over communicate than have something left out.

How do you feel about the use of fresh flowers on a cake?

We love using fresh flowers on our cakes. However, the bride should also know that some flowers are poisonous and not always in season.

Do you have any tips for a bride when it comes to choosing a cake?

Bring all your Pinterest inspiration along when meeting with us, that way we get to know which style you like. Always keep an open mind. Have fun with flavours! We have so many great flavours, don’t opt for vanilla 🙂

Tell us your budget, we do not want to take all your money, but we do want to help you. If you have a small budget, we can advise on a smaller cake or less flowers etc.  Lastly, it is your wedding, don’t try to please everyone else.

Whisk gourmet bakery Lindsay in Bloemfontein making cupcakes
Whisk gourmet bakery Lindsay in Bloemfontein making cupcakes