Advice from Marisa Kruger Freestate Wedding Stationery Designer – Piek Fijn

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Facebook: Piekfijn

Phone: 071 871 6224

Tel us a bit of yourself and your business.
I grew up in Potchefstroom. A small town but with a lot going on. My mother is also a creative soul, designing and manufacturing clothing of all kinds. Growing up, I spent days and nights among meters of fabric and patterns. She inspired me to become an entrepreneur. My passion is to create. The best feeling is to see a design come to life when printed on the finest collection of paper. Wedding stationery is the heart of my business. It is a true privilage to work with ladies who find themselves in the happiest phase of their lives.

Who is your ideal client?
Sharing my days working with brides, mothers, and entrepreneurs is pure bliss. From wedding stationery to birthday packages or creating a beautiful brand for a start-up entrepreneur, they are all special. I just love an open-minded bride who knows what she wants or is open for fresh and trending ideas.

How far before the wedding should you be contacted?
I encourage clients to contact me well in advance. Save the Dates are normally sent out 6-8 months before the wedding. 2-3 weeks ahead of the date you would want to send off the Save the Date is perfect.

 So I am pretty sure you have designed hundreds of stunning stationery sets but is there one that really stands out?
It is extremely difficult to choose. I have quite a few favourites. One of my favourite sets is a clean, minimalistic set, with greenery, succulents, some foiling and dreamy transparent layers. Probably my number one choice because my favourite colors are green, beige and white.


Are there any absolute NO NO’s when it comes to wedding stationery?

I always tell my clients that there are no rules. My job is to transform their (sometimes crazy) ideas into something that is perfectly on trend. BUT, A5 invitations are my big NO NO. Rather settle for a more subtle size.

10 Useful Wedding Stationery Tips

1. Be Prepared

Do research
Know exactly how much your budget allow for wedding Stationery
Have all the information eg. time of ceremony ready
It is very important to know what you like and even more important to know what you dislike
You need to have a clear idea of your wedding stle and colours

2. Set up a meeting

Designers love to meet with clients. If possible, set up a meeting rather than communicating only via e-mail.
This also gives the designer time to prepare and bring examples or ideas relevant to your theme

3. Combine your Save the date with your RSVP

Including your RSVP date on your STD will give you a better idea of how many guest you can expect
Gives you a change to invite the ‘second wave’
Save you money. You only send printed/formal invitations to people who will be able to attend

4. Don’t put the time on your program

You can give your guests a clear idea from what to expect with a simple program, excluding times.
This will create less stress on the bride. No set time means you don’t need  to keep to the times provided.

5. Less is more

Don’t crowd the invitation card.
Keep it simple. Include 3 accommodation options. Your guest knows Google and will most likely book online.

6. Think ahead and start early

Brides often think that they need little time for their stationery
Keep in mind the design process, proof and printing. Thereafter you still need to get them out.

7. Get your timing Right

Save the Date: 6-8 months ahead of the wedding, especially when you are having your wedding on a long weekend or during holiday
Formal Invitation: 3-4 months ahead of the wedding. You need time to get your invitations to different destinations and your guests would like to start booking accommodation.

8. Triple Check

You are as much responsible for checking your proof as your designer.
Designers are people too, and can look over typos from time to time.

9. Think about your Guest List

Do not invite people because you feel obliged.
You can not undo a Save the Date or Invitation.

10. Don’t forget your memory box

Brides often forget about their memory box. Order one extra of each printed item.
It is truly a beautiful keepsake
Beautiful wedding stationery by Oh Crop studios
Marisa from Oh Crop studio showing a client her work