Tips on how to choose a Wedding photographer?

Choosing a Wedding Photographer might be one of the most important wedding planning decisions you make. After your wedding your cake will have be eaten, your flowers will welt and the guest will leave. Your wedding photo is something that could be kept for generations to come. Your wedding day is your story and you need to find the right person to tell it. Their are more than 400 Photographers in Bloemfontein, make sure you choose one that is a Professional Wedding Photographer.

Factors to consider when choosing a Wedding or Event Photographer in Bloemfontein.

1. Capturing Style

How does the photographer go about getting the photographs. How would you prefer them to? This is something you have to decide. There is no right or wrong way, it is up to you and what you prefer. Also note that many photographers would combine styles to create there photos in a way that tells a story the best way in their eyes.

The Documentary/ Journalistic Photographer:

_DSC3932Instead of a series of poses or asking people to smile for the photographer, photos are more candid and spontaneous.  With a purely Photo journalistic Photographer, you would seldom see people looking directly at the Camera, the photos will tell the story as they happen. These Photographers let the moments unfold around them without interfering. This kind of photographer if successful will capture emotion in it’s raw beauty as it unfolds An experience for you to relive and cherish in the years ahead. Many Photojournalistic Photgraphers will also do some posed shots during the couple shoot as well as formal shots of family and friends.

The Fashion Photographer

ANN_1025-EditIf you have heard of Brett Florens you know exactly what this style is. These Photographers often make use of dramatic lightning, fashion-ques and expressions as well as off camera lighting.  The images may not fully represent the personality of the couple but rather something that is seen in a fashion magazine.  Although some of Mudboots Photography’s photos may seem a bit like Fashion, this is not our typical approach. We include them to capture the beauty that a bride has only on a special day like her wedding.

 DSC_6802-2The Fine-Art Photographer

These Photographers do their best to get creative angles with strong artistic feel. They often have a post production idea in mind using textures, filters  and other advance Photoshop techniques. Although Mudboots does take creative angles we seldom do, elaborate true fine-art Photography. However we do try to also use creative lighting to get stunning photographs.

Traditional Wedding Photographers

Traditional wedding photographers are very involved in the wedding and will almost act as a wedding coordinator. ANN_9078They rarely capture candid moments. Group shots and a set list of photographs are perfectly coordinated and captured. The resulting images may not reflect the happiness in the moment but no hair will be out of place. Although Mudboots Photography is not a Traditional photographer we do pose and direct people when necessary. In general I try to capture the moment without posing.

 2. Editing Style

Make sure you like the editing style of the photographer. Specially if they use techniques that you may like now, but will have gone out of fashion in a few years. Think how will you feel then. Will you still like the black and white photo with the one red rose?  Make sure you have a few photos that are timeless and not edited in a weird funky way.

3. Photographer Personality

“If there’s any awkwardness or uneasiness, there’s no way your photographer will be able to produce the images you’ve seen in their portfolio for you.”

Your wedding photographer will be spending most of the day with you and will influence how at ease you and your guests feel. You should get along with your photographer and feel comfortable with them walking around you, sharing your personal space without making you feel invaded.

4. Cost

Shopping for a wedding photographer is like buying a house: you get what you pay for.

So you found the perfect photographer but you will need to sell your car to afford him/her. Generally professional photographers are worth the  money you pay. The photos are after all, all you will have left of the only wedding day you plan to have. So see it as an investment.  Standard practice is that your wedding photographer outlay should be about 10% of the cost of the wedding.

However a few consideration that may help you save some money. Try to choose a photographer in your area. If your getting married in South Africa their is no need to book a photographer from Australia. Chances are there is a talented photographer just around the corner.

What is included in the package? Make sure you include everything you want in the package from the start adding things after can work out more expensive.

Hope this helps you to make the best choice. In the end no photographer is perfectly suited for everyone.

How NOT to choose a photographer in Bloemfontein, South Africa.

1. They shoot a 100 Weddings a year

Since their are only 52 weeks in a year make sure that you know who will be your photographer. They may be outsourcing. Also how long will you wait for your photos. If they are doing so many weddings a year do they have a editor that will make sure you get your finished product?

Make sure that you get VIP treatment no matter how many clients walk through the door.

2. He’s family

Maybe you have a family member with a great camera and some skill that will take your wedding photos for free.  Just because someone takes beautiful wildlife photos does not mean they can capture a wedding. Also what if they do take your photos and mess-up? Make sure there wont be a family feud after the wedding.

Most important thing is when you choose a wedding photographer, choose a wedding photographer. If you have a professional wedding photographer in the family be sure to have a good reason Not to use him, since the feud can go the other way.

3. The Photographer comes with the Venue

This can be a dangerous situation. Make sure that you check the credentials of the photographer and that you like his style. It might be that the venue owner is also taking the photos or has a family member that takes photos as a hobby.

Also check venue recommendations. Some venues ask a fee and will then recommend any photographer as long as they pay it.

4. It’s a Bargain

Lets not over state this; You get what you pay for. If your favorite photographer is offering a free engagement session if you book her then definitely yes. If it’s a relatively unknown photographer looking to do her first wedding, make sure they have done extensive second shooting (working with a professional photographer). Before you cut corners with a photographer, ask yourself where they might be cutting corners. Professional photographers spent a lot of money on equipment, insurance and professional printing. There is a reason they are more expensive.

5. The portfolio is Breathtaking

This is a pretty good reason to book a photographer but make sure it really are their images. There has been an increase in people stealing photos and posting it on their websites as their own. Make sure you ask to see a full wedding when meeting with the photographer making sure what you saw on the internet is the true amazingness.

Finally: Remember that your personality should be a perfect fit or you will never get the same kind of images.

6.  They have the best equipment

Anyone can buy equipment. The ability to capture the perfect moment can’t be bought. The best photographers can get a good quality photo with almost any camera. The camera does not make the photographer. Measure the experience against the equipment. Someone just starting out with the best equipment on the market might not be as good as someone that has bee at it a while working themselves up.