Matric Farewell: Hardus Pres Steyn Skool

Couple: Hardus du Plessis and Marjoli Engelbrecht
School: President Steyn Hoerskool
Photography: Mudboots creative Art and Photography

We leave high school with this mindset that we have to know where we are heading. That you need to know exactly what you want in life. You have to make this big decisions ? What should I study, where should I study, should I study? The truth is, very few grade 12’s know what they want and where they are heading. It’s ok to start studying and then change your direction. Expecting one to know what you want to be after only experiencing the little you have is ridiculous anyway.

I studied law, I have know idea why. I didn’t know you could be a photographer or graphic designer. I was sent to a career councilor at a University without that options and he never put them forward as option. In fact if I followed his advice I would have studied to be a doctor, would have been completely “groced out” by guts and stuff and though I am a other failure. My point is, not knowing where your heading is ok, just carry on… you will get where you need to be.