Mariska en vlok troue by the A Lodge in Bloemfontein

Wedding Vlok en Mariska – ALodge Bloemfontein

Vlok en Mariska Human got married March 2014 in Bloemfontein. Mudboots Creative Art and Photography had the honour of capturing the special day. Mudboots also created all of there wedding stationery. This  included menu, table numbers etc. Definitely a busy day. As my Mariska is also my sister, I was trying to be a bridesmaid and photographer all in one. Luckily Marlia, my second shooter did a wonderful job helping to capture those shots that I needed to be in. As well as some amazing behind the scene shots. While the ceremony was on a gaggle of geese walked by that turned out to be one of my favorite photos of the day.

The day started at Shawu Lodge. A venue conveniently situated in the center of Bloemfontein. Shawu Lodge provided a beautiful setting with large room, beautiful interiors, stairs as well as picture perfect outdoor areas. A venue I would definitely recommend to any Bride. We then moved on to A-Lodge. The A-Lodge provided the perfect venue for the outdoor ceremony while also having the perfect setting for the wedding reception.

Thier Turquoises, Black and silver complimented the White perfectly. A colour choice I definitively had a say in.

Brides maids: LeonieCoetzee, Anneska van der Spoel and Yolandi van der Merwe

Dressing-up Venue: Shawu Lodge

Wedding Reception Venue: The A Lodge

Make-up: Perfection

Blomme: Bloem Saailing

DJ: Werner Haasbroek

Second Shooter: Marlia Olckers

Flowers: Bloemsaailinge

Wedding Photography by Mudboots Creative Art and Photography