Basic Wedding Timeline

This is a basic wedding timeline for a 10-12 hour package with one photographer and an assistant.

This timeline can  only work if the venue and where the bride and groom is getting dressed is not to far apart. It is set up for summer and if you are having a winter wedding please keep in mind that the sun will set earlier so everything will need to happen a bit earlier.

Planning a wedding is part of the fun of getting married but can be confusing. Although it is helpful to have a timeline getting completely stressed when things go wrong can ruin your whole day. So even though I really would love you to stick to the schedule I also want you to enjoy the day.


Decor and Venue 

Please ask your venue or decor specialist as well as your florist to have at least two tables completely ready as well as the bridal table. I will also ask them to put on some of the decoratie lighting and they are welcome to switch them of or to blow out the candles again as soon as I am done.

Beautiful Decor at Warm Karoo by Grand room design taken by Mudboots Photography. Wedding show stopper. All white with a touch of navy and gold


Groom details and Getting Ready as well as groomsmen portraits. 

Yes so this seems a bit early but you are welcome to get back into your casual clothes as soon as I leave.

When I arrive I would like you to be showered and dressed in you pants. Please have all the little details ready. The details include – shoes, socks, cologne, cufflinks, tie, belt and anything you might have bought for the occasion. Other photos I will take are the groom doing his tie, putting on his shoes etc.

I will take some individual photos as well as some group photos of the guys having some guy time.

Groomsmen photos taken by Mudboots at the Hobbits Hut in Bloemfontein
Groomsmen photos taken by Mudboots at the Hobbits Hut in Bloemfontein


Bride details and getting ready

By this time your hair should be done and you should be getting the final touches of the make-up done. Please have both the rings with the bride as I love getting creative with them. Your special things should also be set aside so I can quickly get a shot of the perfume, shoes, dress, etc. I will also get some casual shots of the bridemaids specially if you had special shirts made.

It is important that all the bridesmaids should be ready at 14:10. They need to be fully dressed when they start helping you get ready.

Dusty pink wedding dress by Julie Wedderburn taken by Mudboots Photographer. Bride getting ready beautiful dress ring and make-up shots


Bride  and bridesmaids portraits

Please make sure that the make-up and hair is not running late. These are normally the photos that turn out rushed or skipped when they are.

I try to take individual photos as well as some beautiful photos of the girls together.

Wedding at Illanga Estate dusty Pink beautiful photos taken by Mudboots


Head to ceremony

I will get the groom standing in front in the church as well as some last minute decor.  I will get the bride getting out of the car but please wait for me to get infront before you start walking in.



The ceremony is the most amazing part and I try to get emotion. Some of the key moments are – father greeting the groom, exchange of rings and the first kiss. I will try not to use flash as far as possible but with very dark chapels it might not be possible. Please make sure that you are allowed to have photographs taken during the ceremony. Some officials do not allow this. Also please let me know if there are any special rules.

You can also ask your guests not to take photos during the ceremony. Many times all you see in the ceremony photos are cell phone faces instead of emotional guests.


Family Portraits

These photos are very important as well this might be the last time in a long time that you are together as a family.  Please  appoint a family member to be in charge and make sure everyone is there. This will make things run a little more smoothly.

The family photos will happen immediately after the ceremony. I will make sure that you are aware of the place so after the confetti the family can be ready.  Please inform your family before the time. Sometime it happens that we need to search for family members and this takes so much precious time.  Please sent me a list of the family members and any special people you want to have photos taken with. . Remember I don’t know your family so I wont be able to tell if everyone is there.

Familie fotos by troue in Bloemfontein Magic Events tema is Pou vere deur Mudboots


Bridal Party Photos

By this time I already have the shots of the bridesmaids and groomsmen so these are just a few of them together with the bride and groom.

Bride and Groom photos at the Appeal court in Bloemfontein taken by Mudboots. Whole wedding party included


Couple Photo session

This will go the same as the engagement shoot. This is also the only time during the wedding that you won’t have a lot of people around you so relax and enjoy.

Wedding at Warm Karoo taken by Mudboots. Couple in love bride and groom
Troue paartjie lag lekker in fotos deur Mudboots
Troue by Leopards and Lace in Bloemfontein paartjie neem fotos by The Rose cottage deur Mudboots


Bridal couple enters the reception

It has become a trent to start by cutting the cake or having the first dance. This seem to work well and you are welcome to consider it. You can then flow right into the Speeches and Toasts.

Wedding at Tuscan Rose in Bloemfontein Phumla yellow taken by Mudboots Photography



If you want table photos it is a good idea to take them before each table dish up food.  As soon as the table photos are done we can all take some time to enjoy dinner aswell.


First Dance / Garter / Bouquet

If you didn’t do the First dance or the cutting of the cake when you entered now is the time. People are fed and ready to carry on with the last few things. Please make sure that I am also ready before you go ahead.

Bride and groom dancing at Magic Events wedding venue in Bloemfontein taken by Mudboots
Bride and Groom cutting cake and doing wedding formalities at wedding venue in Bloemfontein


Night Shoot

If you wanted a night shoot you will need to slip away. I need a little time to set up but once we have everything ready it won’t keep you away from your guests for to long.

Night shoot photos of bride and groom getting married at Sandstone sleeper estate in Bloemfontein by Mudboots


Last minute Photos

If there are any last minute photos you want taken with some of your guest this is the time to do so. Don’t worry I will ask you about this before I leave.


Photographer service ends