What you are actually Paying for when you get a professional wedding Photographer

Hidden Hours
Your Package might include 10 hours but that is not nearly the time I spent on you.

For every hour I take photos I spent at least double the time editing photos and that is not even the tip of the iceberg. Think about the time I took to travel to the venue, answering your emails and questions, planning your shoot, making sure that my equipment is ready, batteries charged and lenses cleaned.  Then there is the time spent on uploading your images so you can share with your friends and saving them so you can print them.


Professional Photography and Videography gear really do cos thousands of rand.  As a wedding photographer, one must have a backup of EVERYTHING to ensure that there are no mishaps on someone’s big day. For myself, I have at least two of everything. This gives me and you piece of mind that even when things go wrong, we have you covered.

You can see a list of our Photography and Videography equipment here. 

Of Course after your photos is captured they still need to be processed. This mean we need once again expensive computers and software. MudBoots does not use any pirated software instead we pay not only for software such as Lightroom and Photoshop but also top of the range video processing software and Album design software.


With weddings comes much liability. Professional wedding photographers have to have insurance for their equipment as well as their businesses. You never know if a drunk guest is going to stumble and knock your camera out of your hand or spill their drink on it.  Here in South Africa with high crime rates Insurance is a must have business expense and there really is just no way around it.

Professional Learning

As a photographer I studied for two years towards a diploma but like all careers you need to keep up to date. This means attending workshops, photography expos watching online learning videos all that come at a cost. I dont only need to stay up to date with the newest trends in Photography but also packaging, software and running my business.

Cost of living

This list of expenses does not even begin to touch on the life expenses that a full time photographer needs to keep up with.  In the end we are also human we need to eat, we need toiletries, pay a mortgage or rent.  THen we need to get around, so we need to pay for a car and car insurance. We need to pay our own Medical aid and plan for the future.