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Capturing the Spotlight: Stage, Theater, and Band Photography in Bloemfontein

Welcome to the captivating world of stage, theater, and band photography in the heart of Bloemfontein! With a passion that ignited in 2014, I have been capturing mesmerizing moments on stage, immortalizing the vibrant energy of theatrical performances and the pulsating rhythm of live bands. Nestled in the cultural hub of Bloemfontein, my lens is a window into the dynamic and expressive world of the performing arts. From the graceful movements on the stage to the electrifying ambiance of live music, each snapshot is a testament to the rich tapestry of artistic expression. Explore my portfolio and let the visual symphony unfold as we embark on a journey through the lens of stage and music in Bloemfontein.

My Stage Photography Journey

2014-2016 The Artistic Genesis

Embarking on my journey into stage, theater, and band photography, I took my first steps in 2014 as a photographer for News24, contributing to the Freestate Art Festival newspaper. It was during this time that I had the privilege of learning from the esteemed Conrad Borman, a seasoned journalist photographer. Under his guidance, I absorbed invaluable insights and honed my skills, laying the foundation for a passion that would define my photographic style.

2017 - A Year of Artistic Unveilings:

In 2017, I embarked on a solo journey into the captivating world of stage photography, venturing into the heart of creativity at the Performing Arts Centre of the Free State (Pacofs). Within the innovative space of Pacofs’ Incubator program, I had the privilege of capturing the essence of emerging talents and their awe-inspiring performances.

A standout moment unfolded at the Andre Huguenot Theatre in Bloemfontein when I had the honor of photographing “The Jungle Book,” with the talented Jefferson Dirks-Korkee taking center stage as Mowgli. This production marked a turning point, transforming the Andre Huguenot Theatre into a second home where creativity thrived.

One of the most gratifying experiences of the year was contributing to both the promotional material and live documentation of the impactful “Psalm69.” This collaboration not only showcased my passion for visual storytelling but also fostered a meaningful connection with Jane Mpholo, who evolved into a cherished friend and artistic collaborator.

The Freestate Art Festival became a canvas for my lens, capturing the dynamic spirit of productions such as “Pa, Maak Vir My ‘n Vlieër,” “Nag van Logio, Sarah,” and more. Diving into the vibrant atmosphere of the Blêrkas, I found joy in photographing musical luminaries including Francois van Coke, Emo Adams, Jo Black, Mari Bosman, Drywater, and others. The kaleidoscope of artistic expressions in 2017 set the stage for a journey filled with passion, connection, and the perpetual pursuit of visual excellence.

2018 - A Tapestry of Cultural Expressions:

n 2018, my lens continued to explore the diverse landscape of the performing arts, capturing moments that celebrated the richness of culture and creativity.

The “ATKV Tienertoneel Streeks Fees” in Bloemfontein opened a portal to the artistic endeavors of high school students, where masterful theater productions unfolded before my camera. It was a privilege to witness the emerging talents and creative prowess of the young minds shaping the future of South African theater.

Venturing into uncharted territories, I covered the CAMAGU Theatre and Dance Festival for the first time, immersing myself in the kaleidoscope of South Africa’s different cultures. This experience not only broadened my perspective but also introduced me to influential women in theater, such as Lebo Leisa and Karabelo Plaatjies, whose powerful contributions left a lasting impression.

The production “This is for Keeps” became a canvas for my lens, capturing the emotional depth and artistic brilliance emanating from the stage. Another highlight was the solo performance of Jeff Dirk-Korkee in “Rooilug,” which not only showcased his talent but also garnered acclaim, earning various prizes.

Returning to the Freestate Art Festival and the Blêrkas, I continued to document the eclectic mix of artistic expressions. From the energetic performances of Rise in Red to the lyrical mastery of artists like Jack Parrow, Chris Camelion, and Francois van Coke, my lens became a storyteller, capturing the vibrancy and diversity of South Africa’s arts and music scene.

2019 - A Flourishing Symphony of Art in Bloemfontein:

In 2019, my lens continued to capture the vibrant tapestry of performing arts in Bloemfontein, amplifying the essence of stage, band, and theatre photography while weaving in the cultural richness of the region.

Returning with enthusiasm, I delighted in covering the ATKV Tienertoneel Streekfees in Bloemfontein once again. This festival, a showcase of high school talents, provided an opportunity to document the creative prowess of the next generation in captivating productions. Independently and as part of the Freestate Art Festival, I immersed myself in various performances, including the thought-provoking “Chaos tot Kuns,” “My Seuns,” “Ouma se Oerse Praat Vuil,” “Loeloe se Loawwe Loskop Ouma,” and more.

In a pivotal moment, my lens expanded its scope to capture the grace and elegance of my first ballet concert. This marked a new chapter in my journey, exploring the nuances of movement and artistic expression in this classical form.

The exploration of diverse art forms continued with an introduction to poetry through the captivating work of Kwena Peu. From the rhythmic cadence of spoken word to the visual poetry of stage performances, each moment added depth to my portfolio.

As Bloemfontein’s cultural landscape unfolded before my camera, I strived to encapsulate the intersection of stage, band, and theatre photography. This year was not only about visual storytelling but also about embracing the evolving artistic scene in Bloemfontein and showcasing it to a broader audience.

2020 - Navigating the Unseen Stage:

In the face of unprecedented challenges, 2020 ushered in a unique chapter for stage, band, and theatre photography in Bloemfontein. As the world grappled with the impact of COVID-19, the performing arts faced temporary closures, yet resilience and creativity shone through.

Despite the restrictions, the spirit of artistic expression persevered, exemplified by the remarkable Poetry Nights organized by the Camagu Festival. Even in the virtual space, the power of words resonated, bringing people together in shared appreciation for the art form. Kwena Peu’s poetry continued to echo, providing solace and inspiration during a challenging year.

While theatres remained dormant, the indomitable spirit of the performing arts community prevailed. Though 2020 was undeniably tough, it became a testament to the strength and unity within the artistic realm. Together, we weathered the storm, finding innovative ways to connect, inspire, and endure.

2021 - A Resilient Encore:

In 2021, the stage in Bloemfontein came alive once again, and I was privileged to capture the magic of the ATKV Tienertoneel Streekfees. The boundless talent of young adults continued to awe and inspire, reaffirming the enduring spirit of creativity in the city.

My lens also focused on two profound theatre productions that grappled with powerful societal themes. “Onder Die Oppervlakte,” starring the talented Jane Mpholo, delved into the complexities of interracial relationships, offering a thought-provoking exploration of love and societal expectations. In another impactful production, “This is for Keeps,” the narrative courageously addressed the harrowing issue of domestic violence, using the stage as a platform for awareness and change.

2022 - A Captivating Continuation

In 2022, the stage in Bloemfontein welcomed me for the fourth time to capture the enchanting moments of the ATKV Tienertoneel. Each year, the young talents continued to amaze, showcasing the inexhaustible well of creativity that flows through the city.

One of the poignant highlights of the year was the opportunity to photograph the impactful production, “A Human Being Had Died Tonight.” This experience allowed my lens to delve into the emotive depths of the performance, capturing the nuanced storytelling and the profound resonance it held.

The Camagu Festival unfolded with a special Women in Concert event, where I had the distinct honor of photographing some of South Africa’s greatest talents. From the soulful melodies of Buhlebendalo to the enchanting performances by Leomile, Nomathemba, Ntsiki Ndzuma, and Zoe, the concert was a celebration of the diverse and powerful voices that shape the cultural landscape of South Africa.

2023 - Embracing Diversity and Young Talents:

The year began with delight as I covered both the ATKV Tiener Toneel Streek Fees and the ATKV Tjokka Fees, spotlighting not only the remarkable talents of teenagers but also the budding performers from primary schools. Witnessing the development of creativity from such an early age was truly heartening and underscored the importance of nurturing talent from its roots.

The San du Plesis Theater became a canvas for my lens as I had the privilege of capturing the grand production titled “Mountain.” The vastness of the stage mirrored the scale of the performance, and my goal was to encapsulate the visual spectacle and emotional depth of this significant production.

The highlight of the year, however, was the collaboration with the talented director Khan Yisa for the production “Nlana, The Heart Sewn Back Together.” Working closely together, we not only created stunning photographs but also crafted a short video that captured the essence of the performance. This collaboration exemplified the power of merging visual storytelling mediums to bring a production to life in a multi-dimensional way.

The Camagu Theater Festival once again showcased its commitment to diverse storytelling with five captivating productions. From the poignant narratives of MNQUMA and UMHLOLOKAZI to the immersive experiences of METSI, LEINA, and UMNKELO, each play brought a unique perspective to the stage, contributing to the rich cultural tapestry of Bloemfontein.

As I documented these moments, 2023 became a year of celebrating both the growth of young talents and the depth of storytelling in the Bloemfontein performing arts scene. Each production and festival added a chapter to the ongoing narrative of artistic expression in the city.

Short Show- R2000

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