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Charlene started out by backing cakes for kids in 2006 and then in 2009 she started also making wedding cakes. Since then her Cakes has been Huisegenoot, You Magazine, Drum Magazing and even on Top Billing.

If you want to have a show stopper wedding cake that also taste fantastic she is definitly the one to contact. 

Questions and Answers with Wedding Cake baker Charlene du Toit

Advice to a bride when choosing a wedding Cake 

Don’t make your choice too early on in your wedding planning.  Get a layout of what you like, for instance if you have a theme, a round or a square cake, the amount of cake tiers and your colours.  You can choose a few pictures of what you have in mind, but only do the finalization about 3 months before the wedding date.  There are too many cakes out there and if you look at too many, you start to get confused.  Also, definitely do a cake testing!  But not too early on either.

Do you Specialize in a certain type of cake? 

No I make whatever the client wants.  The cake the bride and groom want is the cake I specialize in to make them happy on their big day!

Are there any questions you feel each bride should ask a baker before ordering a cake for their wedding day?

Yes.  If the cake is more than 2 tiers, they should ask for delivery to the venue.  A good cake decorator only assembles the cake at the venue.  This assures the client the cake will arrive safely. If delivery is not possible, for instance in another town, ask the baker to give the tiers separately and show you properly how to do the assembly yourself.

How many tiers do I recommend 

 I would suggest a 3 tier or 5 tier, depending on design and if the cake is only for family or going to be served as desert.

What can a couple do if they really want a 3 or 4 tier cake but it will be too expensive

In this case, I would suggest 1 or 2 of the tiers to be dummy cakes.  Usually from the bottom up.  This gives the illusion of a 3 or 4 tier cake, but only the top tiers are edible.  No one will be able to see that half the cake is a dummy cake.  And it will work out much cheaper!

Do you offer tasting?

 Yes we insist on a cake tasting, about a month before the big date. Also keep in mind that you are catering for different tastes, so if possible, make each tier another flavor.  Even if it is a flavor you don’t like!

How do you feel about the use of fresh flowers on a cake?

I feel that it depends on the design and theme of the cake. Usually if it is an informal wedding, you can rather go with fresh flowers.  Also if it is a buttercream cake, fresh flowers work well.  If it is a very formal wedding and the cake is covered with fondant, I’d suggest to rather use gumpaste flowers.  

Do you have any tips for a bride when it comes to choosing a cake? 

 First decide on your colours and theme of the wedding.  Is it a summer or winter wedding?  Is it going to be very formal or informal?  Once you have all this information, you can start looking for a wedding cake design. Also don’t forget the cake stand.  A cake stand compliments the cake so much!  And the design of the cake should also fit the design of the stand.

Tell us about a memorable cake you once baked

 We once made a 4 tier cake that I delivered in separate tiers.  They didn’t have a cake stand, or table for that matter.  The table was actually a swing hanging from the roof.  So I had to assemble the cake on the hanging swing and as the cake got taller and heavier, one of the ropes holding the swing broke through the hole in the swing!  Time stood still and everything went into slow motion.  The cake tumbled over, but luckily I caught it with the help of my driver! After they fixed the rope and assured me it was able to handle the weight, I was able to reassemble it and disguise the damage. Now it is funny to think about it, but at that moment, my heart skipped several beats!  So my advice is to make sure you have a sturdy cake table and cake stand!

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