Family Photography Sessions

Let me make your next Family Photography session a beautiful memory

Life moves quickly, and capturing those moments becomes even more precious as your family grows and changes. A family photoshoot is a chance to celebrate your unique story and create timeless memories that will last a lifetime.

We are base in Langenhoven Park Bloemfontein, but are willing to drive withing a 50km radius.

Mini Family Session – R1200

Perfect for a quick and enjoyable family experience.

  • Duration: 20 Minutes
  • Setting: Studio or Outdoor (weekdays only)
  • Participants: 1-4 people
  • Outfit: 1 outfit
  • Package Includes:
    • 20 High-resolution digital images
    • Online gallery to view and download your images

Capture the essence of your family in a mini session that’s perfect for those on the go. Available on weekdays for your convenience.

Standard Family Session – R1800

Our most popular package designed for a comprehensive family experience.

  • Duration: 50 Minutes
  • Setting: Studio or Outdoor
  • Participants: 1-6 people
  • Package Includes:
    • 40 High-resolution digital images
    • Online gallery to view and download your images

Enjoy a 50-minute family session that provides ample time for a variety of shots. Perfect for families of up to 6 people.

Luxury/Extended Family Session – R2500

An extended outdoor experience for larger families.

  • Duration: 60-90 Minutes
  • Setting: Outdoor only
  • Participants: 7-20 people
  • Package Includes:
    • 100 High-resolution digital images
    • Online gallery to view and download your images

Indulge in an extended family session capturing the joy of togetherness. Ideal for larger families or special gatherings. Great for friends as well.

What to wear

At Mudboots Photography, we emphasize the significance of choosing the right attire for your family photoshoot in Bloemfontein, as it plays a pivotal role in enhancing the overall aesthetic of your images. Coordinating outfits contributes to a cohesive and visually pleasing result. Here are some helpful tips to ensure you, as a family, dress your best for your upcoming session with our family photographer:

1. Coordinated, Not Matchy-Matchy:

  • Opt for a color palette instead of identical outfits, choosing colors that complement each other for a harmonious yet diverse look.

2. Consider the Location:

  • Tailor your attire based on the photoshoot setting. Earthy tones and pastels work well for natural outdoor locations in Bloemfontein, while solid colors stand out against various backgrounds in a studio session.

3. Layers and Textures:

  • Enhance your family photos with depth and visual interest by adding layers and textures. Consider accessories like scarves, cardigans, or hats that align with the overall theme.

4. Avoid Busy Patterns, Logos or Characters

  • While patterns can add personality, it’s advisable to steer clear of overly busy patterns that may distract from the main focus – your family. Subtle patterns or solids generally work well. Additionally, avoid prominent logos or cartoon characters.

5. Timeless vs. Trendy:

  • Strive for a timeless look that withstands the test of time. Classic styles and neutral tones often exude a timeless charm in family photography.

6. Comfort is Key:

  • Prioritize comfort for everyone, especially children, as uncomfortable clothing can lead to distracted and fidgety expressions during your Bloemfontein family photoshoot.

7. Consider Your Home Decor:

  • If your intention is to display family photos at home, consider the colours and decor of the room where they will be showcased. This ensures your family photos seamlessly integrate into your living space.

8. Plan Ahead:

  • To avoid last-minute stress, plan your outfits well in advance with our family photographer in Bloemfontein. Lay them out together to visualize how they collectively contribute to the overall aesthetic..

Remember, the most important thing is for your family to feel comfortable and natural during the photoshoot. Feel free to express your personalities through your clothing choices. We look forward to capturing the beauty and warmth of your family, so dress to impress and let your unique story shine!

Photoshoot locations

At Mudboots Photography, we understand that the location of your family photoshoot plays a crucial role in creating the perfect ambiance. We offer a variety of stunning locations around Bloemfontein and the Free State, as well as versatile studio options, each with its own distinctive charm. Choose the backdrop that resonates with your family’s personality for a truly unique and memorable photoshoot experience.

Studio Elegance

Our studio offers a range of backgrounds, allowing for a stylish and classic setting that focuses on the essence of your family without competing with the decor. The studio is suited for families with less than 6 members.

Urban Vibes

Capture urban energy against the city skyline at Mimosa Mall or the Waterfront Roof. Enjoy a relaxed and casual family photoshoot amidst the vibrant colors of Ramblers. Opt for a classic and timeless look against the iconic architecture and green spaces of the University of the Free State. Embrace the city’s beauty with the fire station providing a safe base for versatile urban backdrops.

  • Mimosa/Waterfront Roof
  • Ramblers (R250)
  • University of the Free State
  • Firestation and cityscape

Garden Delights

Select a stunning garden setting from one of these Bloemfontein venues.

Adventure and Exploration

Embrace the spirit of exploration with these unique settings.

  • Glenn Bridge and Lane
  • Transwerke Trains


Keep it simple and timeless with a classic field setting, allowing your family to shine

  • Mooiwater Bewarea – Beinsvlei:
  •  Seven Dams (10 min walk)

For a bit of a different look, explore unique venues from our list that embody the spirit of adventure and exploration. However, we’re always open to capturing your family’s story in a setting that holds personal significance to you. If you have a special location in mind, feel free to suggest it! We’re excited to hear your ideas and work together to create memorable family moments in the perfect setting.

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