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First Year – Tummy time, Sitting Session and Cake Smash

At Mudboots Photography, we understand the importance of preserving the precious moments of your baby’s first year. Our “First Year Sessions” are designed to capture the incredible journey from tummy time milestones to the joyous celebration of their first birthday. We love doing cake smash and bath time as part of our First Birthday sessions. Each session is a unique opportunity to freeze these fleeting moments in time. Choose between have in studio or outdoor session in the Bloemfontien area.


newborn photography bloemfontein mudboots

A newborn is done between 2-14 days

Please see our newborn packages

After that time, you won’t get any of the cute poses.  We can still do some photos but they will be more lifestyle. Newborn packages apply up to 2 months



Tummy Time

tummy time baby photography Bloemfontein

R 1000

This session is best 4-6 months old

This session is for parents and baby only. R250 per additional person includes 5 additional digitals. 

weekdays only

30 Minute Studio / Outside

15 digital edited images



Sitting Session

baby photography 6 month sitter photography bloemfontein studio

R 1000

This session is best 6-9 months old

your little one needs to be able to sit by himself/herself

This session is for parents and baby only. R250 per additional person include 5 additional digitals

30 Minute Studio ? Outside

15 digital edited images

First Birthday / Cake Smash

one year first birthday photography mudboots studio Bloemfontein

R 2000

1 to 5 people max in studio

Online Gallery

1 Outfit change +milk or bubble bath

50 Minute Studio

40 digitally edited images

Cake excluded

Include a basic setup with max 15 balloons and decor as needed

Tummy Time and Sitting Sessions

Delighting in the developmental milestones of your little one, our Tummy Time and Sitting Sessions are crafted with care to capture the fleeting moments of growth between 3 to 9 months. Understanding the limited attention span of your precious bundle, these sessions are thoughtfully kept short, ensuring a focused and enjoyable experience. Whether adorned with a timeless teddy bear theme or embracing simplicity with plain backdrops, we believe in creating a serene environment with minimal distractions. Our aim is to highlight the genuine expressions and milestones of your little one. In these sessions, we encourage investing time and care in selecting the perfect outfit for both you and your baby, allowing their personality to shine through the lens, creating treasured memories that last a lifetime.

Sitter photography baby photos Bloemfontein studio

First Birthday Photoshoot

Our first birthday sessions include a cake smash and bath time. 

The first birthday is a milestone that holds immeasurable significance for many parents, and our First Birthday Photoshoot is designed to commemorate this special occasion in the most heartwarming way. This comprehensive session unfolds with a cherished family photo session, capturing the joy and unity that define this milestone moment. The celebration continues with a delightful cake smash, where your little one is free to explore the sweetness of their first birthday cake in a setting adorned with simplistic themes that ensure they stand out as the star. Following the fun and messiness, we transition into a serene bubble or milk bath session, providing a soothing and visually captivating conclusion to the festivities.


Decor is a personalized touch we discuss with each client, emphasizing a love for simplistic elegance that complements rather than overshadows the true star—the child. While we have a few themes that radiate timeless charm, we are always open to new ideas and creative inspirations that align with your vision. Our collaborative approach ensures that the decor enhances the essence of each session, creating a backdrop that beautifully frames the genuine moments and expressions of your little one. From selecting colors to exploring themes, our goal is to curate a setting that harmonizes with your family’s unique story, making each photoshoot a truly memorable experience.


The Cake smash Outfit

At Mudboots Photography, we believe that outfits play a crucial role in weaving a cohesive and visually pleasing theme for each photoshoot. Our attention to detail extends beyond your little one’s attire; we understand the importance of harmonizing the child’s outfit, the cake, and the decor for a seamless and enchanting theme. It’s not just about the child’s ensemble; we encourage parents to consider their attire, ensuring a unified and coordinated family look.

We have a small selection of tutu’s that you little one can wear with a plain vest. By planning ahead you can order the perfect outfit from


Ambers Rose backdrop and Prop shop

Fabulous find Boutique

The Frist Birthday Cake

The cake can set the theme of the shoot but can also be not so important at all. It really depends on the theme and your budget.


Buttercream encourages kids to smash, so if you want to have a cool cake smash use a buttercream cake.

Make sure the baker is aware that it is for a one-year-old cake smash and does not use any sticks or sharp objects in the decor or cake.

The Woolworth Rainbow Celebration Cake  works for a lot of rainbow themes.  The Chocolate Caramel Ombre Celebration Cake  is great for the teddy bear, jungle or boho themes

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