Many moons ago wedding photographers never captured the getting dressed part of the wedding day. The photographer arrived just before the ceremony. Today getting ready and taking photos of all the important details is a big part of the day. 

Photographers will always find the best spot and light to take photos. This also counts for the bride and groom when they are getting ready.  This makes the space you are getting ready at very important. Whether it is the house you grew up in, a friend’s house or a guest house you need to bear in mind that the look and feel of the space will determine the quality of the photos you receive from your wedding Photographer. 


Location, Location, Location

Both the bride and groom getting ready at the wedding venue make a lot of things easier.  The photographer does not need to worry about being at two places at once and missing important moments. The photographer will be able to capture both the bride and groom without wasting precious time driving around.  However, if you are not getting dressed at the venue it is very important to book a guest house as close as possible to the wedding venue. 

Just imagine having car trouble the way to the venue or running late? The drive can cost you even more precious minutes.


bridemaids Wedding Photos by Mudboots Photography at Leopard and Lace in Bloemfontein reception
Wedding at Imvelo Safari Lodge Bloemfontein pink and blue theme photography by Mudboots wedding and event photography

 A gANatural Light and Open Spaces


This is one of the most important things for any wedding photographer.  A wedding photographer needs light and space to pose the bride and groom. Not having this makes it extremely difficult to get beautiful images. 

Natural light- meaning lights that come from the sun not light bulbs or LED lighting.  Don’t be fooled by guest houses that tell you to switch on more lights, rather look for big windows that provide beautiful sunlight. Believe me when I say natural light will give you instantly higher-quality images. Also, Bloemfontein has so much sun, let’s use it. 

Open Space - wedding photographer need space without clutter. This also mean that the room need to be tidy. The  bed cant be full of handbags and stuff lying around.  Make sure the room you book has a cupboard or area where you can hide things and keep the rest of the room looking open and clean. 


The room being clean and tidy is just the first part of having open space, the second part is available space. Don’t book a room that can only fit 3 people if you know that

- you have to get dressed there

- your brides maid need to be dressed in there

- Your videographer and photographer need to be in there 

If you dont have space to move the photographers wont have space to move and it makes if nearly impossible to take beautiful clean images.   A great idea is to book two rooms. Start out in the first room put all your stuff there, use the second room for the photos. When you need some private space to take bridal photos you can move to the second room. 


NOTE: Brides maids must get dressed 30 minutes before the bride does. When a photographer starts taking photographs of the bride getting ready all the brides maids must be present and done with their make-up and hair. We personally have had bride’s arriving late at the ceremony due to brides maids not getting dressed on time. It’s the maid/matron of honor to ensure that all the bride’s maids are ready and on time.




Accessories and Details

You took a lot of time choosing everything for your wedding and it is important to us as Bloemfontein photographers to get photos of everything.  When we arrive we will start with the details. Please have the following ready. 

Bride’s Accessories:

  • Gown
  • Shoes
  • Bracelet
  • Bouquet
  • Garter
  • Perfume
  • Tiara
  • Ear Rings
  • Thank You Gifts etc

Groom’s Accessories:

  • Suit
  • Shoes & Socks
  • Tie/Bow Tie
  • Cologne/After Shave
  • Wedding Rings
  • Thank You Gifts etc
Bride details Wedding at Imvelo Safari Lodge Bloemfontein pink and blue theme photography by Mudboots wedding and event photography Imvelo Safari Lodge Bloemfontein pink and blue theme photography by Mudboots wedding and event photography

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