Capturing Moments in Bloemfontein: A January Recap of Family, Studio, and Wedding Photography

As the bustling holiday season came to an end, January was a time for me to recharge, dive into website improvements, and unleash creativity in my Bloemfontein-based photography business. From delightful family moments to crafting new studio backdrops and capturing the essence of beautiful weddings, it was a month filled with diverse photographic adventures.

Family Photography Fun

January kicked off with an absolute joy – photographing the Jacobs-Otto extended family at the enchanting Tuscan Rose venue. The little ones stole the show with their adorable antics, making the shoot a memorable experience. The newly painted grey backdrop took center stage during a session with the Finger Family, showcasing the versatility of formal and casual wear. Witness how a simple outfit change can transform the atmosphere from formal to fun!

family studio photography bloemfontien photographer family portraits
Family photography Bloemfontein photography  tuscan rose

Valentine Shoots and Heartfelt Moments

In preparation for the month of love, I immersed myself in creating a dreamy Valentine’s Day-themed photoshoot setup. With test rabbits (models) trying out the enchanting scenes, the experience of assembling this setup was nothing short of delightful. Adding a unique touch, a bath shoot option for the little ones aged 6 months to 2 years was introduced, featuring the charming model, Ralia, who effortlessly embraced the new concept.

Baby Valentines Bubble Bath R550

6- 24 Months

10 High res edited photos

Online gallery delivery

Toddler Valentines portraits R600

6 Month to 4 yearss

15 High res edited photos

Online gallery delivery

Tutu, Ribbons and bowties available.

Valentine Petite Sessions – R600

1-2 people only

20 minutes

15 High res edited photos

Online gallery delivery

0Valentine Mini Sessions – R1000

1-4 people only

20 High res edited photos

30 minutes

Online gallery delivery

Mesmerizing Weddings in Bloemfontein

Monte Bello witnessed another breathtaking wedding, transcending words. The collaborative effort of dedicated service providers brought the celebration to life. From exquisite cakes by Cakes4KidsBloemfontein to bridal elegance from Bridal Emporium Bloemfontein and Iconsquare_Durban, every detail was meticulously curated. Blom Weddings adorned the venue with enchanting flowers, while Lighticle provided magical lights and draping. Bowtie_Evolution’s decor added a touch of sophistication, and Mud Studio Bloemfontein ensured the couple looked absolutely stunning with their makeup expertise. The white and hint of pink color scheme created an ethereal ambiance, making the day truly unforgettable.

bloemfontein wedding monte bello wedding photographer love is in the air

Adorable Outfits for Little Ones

Adding a touch of charm to my photography offerings, I’ve recently expanded my collection with new outfits tailored for one-year-old shoots. These additions include two irresistibly cute boy outfits that seamlessly blend with a variety of themes. Whether it’s a playful adventure or a timeless classic look, these outfits are designed to capture the essence of those precious early years.

For the little princesses gracing my studio, I’ve added a curated a delightful pink body suite that perfectly complements the  rainbow, pink, brown, and white tutus that are available. Mix and match to  opens up a world of creative possibilities for toddlers, allowing them to shine in a spectrum of colors. From the innocence of white to the vibrancy of rainbow hues, the studio sessions become a canvas for creativity and timeless memories.

To add the finishing touch to the adorable girl outfits, I’ve introduced a selection of new headbands. These accessories are thoughtfully chosen to enhance the overall look, effortlessly complementing the outfits and creating a captivating visual harmony. Whether it’s a dainty bow or a floral accent, these headbands bring an extra layer of sweetness to each photograph, making every little girl’s session a truly enchanting experience.

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