Kenilwe & Bosman

Service Providers

  • Venue - Kopano Nokeng
    Dress: Capo di Mann
    Make-up - Make-up by Shiz
    Decor - Kathleen Party Creation
    Photography - Mudboots Photography and Film
    Rings: American Swiss

Keneilwe & Bosman



What a day! So, the previous evening Bloemfontein had a huge down pour and the bridge connecting the “wedding island” at Kopano Nokeng with the rest of the venue was washed away. The electric cable running under it was also snapped.

With a few arrangements by the staff of Kopano, plans were made. Everyone had to be brought over by truck on the service entry. This delayed the wedding by almost 5 hours! Despite this the wedding went on and Keneilwe and Bosman was in high spirits.