Makeup Artist

Jeniffer Pretorius

Call: 071 062 9912  l Visit 123 President Reitz Ave, Westdene

Shalom Beauty and Hair

Shalom means God of peace and place of peace and that is exactly what Jeniffer envisions in her Salon. Every client can just be themself around her and have a peaceful relaxing time at her salon. 

Jeniffer started doing her dolls hair at a very early age and quickly moved on to friends.  In High school she was already doing everyones hair and make-up. She even started giving home made facial masks. Beauty is and will always be in her blood. 

Jeniffer studied at Motheo College and and is a qualified Krayolan Master makeup Artist. 

Questions and Answers with Wedding makeup Artist Jeniffer Pretorius

Who is your ideal client?

Don’t think there is an ideal client because everyone is unique in their own way. However it does help if a client has a realistic idea of what they want.

How far before the wedding should you be contacted?

I think the sooner the better if you want to ensure your date. It will also give us proper time to discuss and get to know each other. If the skin needs preparations before the wedding or the hair colour needs to be corrected I would say at least 4 months.

What brand of products do you use and why choose that brand?

I love using Krayolan. Krayolan is 75 years old which makes them one of the oldest make up companies around and they are family owned . They put alot of research into their products to always stay up to date with the current fashion trends. They give annual master classes to their make up artist to also keep them up to date with the trends. That’s why Krayolan Freestate does fashion week and also many other top pageant events in the Freestate and South Africa. The make up itself applies easily, is very durable, their is a wide variety to choose of and the colours are very modern which makes it perfect for any event.

Do you have any tips for brides who plan on having loads of bridesmaids?

Make sure you have a good team of make up artist and Hairstylist that can work on a tight schedule. And make sure the preparations venue you choose has proper lighting and space for everyone to avoid chaos.

How do you determine the wedding schedule to make sure you don’t run late on the wedding day?

I determine all the needs of the bride before the time. Then make sure all my teams know exactly what they need to do before we go there. All the people in my teams are very professional.

Are there any question you feel each bride should ask a make-up artist before making a booking for their wedding day?

Definitely ask which products they use. Not all products are allergen free and might cause severe reactions. If it’s not a well known brand insist on a trial. Allways ask for photos of previous work.

What should the bride do from her side before the wedding day to ensure perfect make-up?

Use a good skin range suited for your skin tipe with adequate amount of moisture. If you suffer with cracked lips use Lipsano a month in advance to repair the lips and make them juicy looking.

Are there any add-ons you would suggest?

I always try and add Individual eyelash Exstentions and a proper Eyebrow wax and tint into my bridal pakkages to enhance the over all look on the day. I also add a free exfoliating and moisturizing facial to all my pakkages to give the bride a loveley glow on her special day.

Any other special advice you would like to give a bride?

Plan a certain look for your Bridesmaids. If your hair is up,let theirs all be down. Same with the Make up. This will allow the services to flow and alow you to shine on your special day and be on time. Nobody likes a diva trying to outshine the bride.

Wedding Do’s and Don’ts

(things people don’t think of)


  • Sleep enough the night before
  • Make sure all wedding arrangements are well delegated at least 3 days prior to the big day.
  • Eat a good breakfast and have a sachet of rehydration powder you going to need it.
  • Drink enough water
  • Play your favourite tracks while getting ready.
  • Spend exstra money on baby sisters#facepainters and a jumping castle if young kids are going to be invited.
  • Make sure you can sit comfortably in your wedding dress.
  • Make sure your venues have enough natural light


  • Don’t over indulge the night before it will show on your face, your make up and on your photo’s.
  • Don’t leave everything till last minute.
  • Don’t drink to much MCC before photo’s your eyes will be red and puffy.
  • Don’t try and save money on a photographer or make up artist. The pictures must last for the rest of you life.
  • Don’t answer that cellphone. Appoint a secretary for the day

And make every second count. After all it’s your fairytale come true.

Make sure you have an exstra lipstick matching your look in your made of honors handbag to touch up during the day. There is going to be a lot of kissing, eating and drinking. You don’t want to end up looking bleak.

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