Maternity Shoots

Nudboots Photography in Bloemfontein offers both indoor studio-based maternity shoots as well as outdoor shots and milk bath shoots.  Both are beautiful in their own way. 

So if you love the outdoors please book a location shoot, I can help you choose a beautiful outdoor setting. This also works better if you want to include other children as it gives us more space to move in and play. 

If you are having an extremely difficult pregnancy and need to have a temperature-regulated place or can’t walk too far, a studio shoot might be better for you. 

A studio shoot also gives more privacy and if you want to go a bit nuder please tell me so we can do a studio or get a very secret and secluded outdoor spot. 

What to bring along


Please bring your own outfit. You are welcome to bring two outfits. There are a few places you can hire beautiful dresses although a piece of material also creates a great effect. Please be sure to get at least 4m or ask what I have available. 


Bring along those sonar pics I love to add them. 

Also, bring along a soft toy or a favorite piece of clothing for the little one. 



Family photos- Buys

Family photos- Buys

Maternity and Family photos all in one. Denim Backie with a touch of colour. This shoot was done in Bloemfontein by Mudboots Photography and Film