November – Exams, Theater, birthdays, year end and Christmas minis start

November gracefully unfolded with a quieter rhythm on the photography front, yet behind the scenes, the month bore witness to a different kind of bustling activity. As the shutters momentarily rested, my focus shifted to academic endeavors. The month saw me immersed in the final examinations for my Postgraduate Diploma in Disaster Management. The dedication and hard work culminated in a triumphant outcome – not only did I excel, but I proudly earned my diploma with distinction.

As the year draws to a close, I find myself at the crossroads of reflection and anticipation, considering the prospects that a potential Masters pursuit may unfold in the coming year.


Inana – The Heart is Sewn Back Together

In the midst of November’s endeavors, one standout highlight was my involvement in the captivating production, “Inana – The Heart is Sewn Back Together.” Beyond the realm of traditional photography, this project beckoned a venture into videography, allowing me to immerse myself in the visual storytelling of a theater production. Spearheaded by the talented Writer and Director, Khanyisa Nosana Sondiyazi, the experience was nothing short of a vibrant cultural immersion.

Khanyisa, a charismatic force behind the scenes, brought a kaleidoscope of colors and creativity to the project. Collaborating with her was a joy, and our synergy aimed to encapsulate the essence of “Inana” in every frame. It’s a visual journey that goes beyond the stage, inviting more individuals to witness the beauty and depth of this theatrical masterpiece. As the curtain fell on each performance, the resonating echoes of collaboration and creative exploration lingered, marking “Inana” as not just a production but a shared creation and a celebration of diverse storytelling. 

stage photography theatre production photos Bloemfontein mudboots



The wedding of Cheri and Eugene stood out as a November highlight, unfolding its enchanting chapters at the picturesque Leopard and Lace in Bloemfontein. The chosen red theme beautifully accentuated the love story between this captivating couple. Against the backdrop of this charming venue, I had the privilege of capturing stunning night photos by the serene calming pool, adding a touch of magic to the already mesmerizing celebration. The blend of love, vibrant hues, and the tranquil ambiance of Leopard and Lace created an unforgettable tapestry of moments that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Venue: Leopards & Lace  

Flowers: Floweritbloem

Maternity, Lwando turned one and Katli turned 26

The journey of capturing life’s most precious moments continued with Sindiswa’s maternity shoot, a magical session that held a subtle surprise. Amidst the gentle haze of a smoke bomb, we unveiled the delightful news – it’s a boy! The ethereal moments didn’t stop there; Sindiswa’s maternity shoot gracefully transitioned into a dreamy milk bath, a special request that turned my studio bathroom into a canvas of serene beauty.

Turning the spotlight to the little ones, Lwando stepped into the frame, celebrating his first year of life. The simplicity of a nude-inspired shoot, adorned with a backdrop in soothing nude tones and touches of gold, perfectly encapsulated the innocence and charm of this beautiful boy.

Next in line was Katli, stepping into her 21st year with grace and style. Against the timeless elegance of a black backdrop, we explored a palette of grays and silver, creating a visual symphony that complemented her sophistication. An outfit change added another layer of versatility – a stunning white dress against both black and white backdrops, capturing the essence of her 21st birthday in a series of unforgettable frames. These moments, each unique in their simplicity, underscore the beauty that emerges when personal stories meet the artistry of photography.

As November unfolded its tranquil moments, a series of Corporate, bloemfotnein end-of-year functions seamlessly blended into the festive air that was beginning to envelop us. The merriment, however, didn’t stop there. Ralia took on the enchanting role of the tree tester, joyfully immersing herself in the twinkling lights that would soon set the backdrop for Christmas mini sessions.

In the heartwarming spirit of the season, Oreokame, a mere three months old, made his debut in the world of Christmas shoots. His session, not just a festive capture but also a heartwarming tummy time session with a Christmas twist, unfolded as a delightful prelude to the holiday cheer.

Each click of the shutter echoed the essence of the upcoming holidays, creating timeless memories that seamlessly blended the magic of Christmas with the innocence of a newborn’s first encounters with the season’s delights. As November gracefully wove these festive tales, it became a cherished chapter, setting the stage for the spirited narratives that December would soon unveil.

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