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Being in business for 30 years we have designed and created hundreds of bespoke bridal gowns for the most wonderful brides all over the world. For the past 10 years we have also spesialized in the hiring of wedding gowns which is a very popular choice in the bridal market. In the past 2 years we have added imported wedding gowns from various original bridal houses to the list. The main goal in this decision was to give our brides all the options in one location.
To see a satisfied bride in one of our gowns is such a rewarding feeling and hopefully we can continue to keep our brides happy and dressed up for the next 30 years !!!


Choose your designer/bridal shop wisely.  Best is to go on word of mouth or to look on the internet for places with good references and solid reputations.  There is no point in going to someone who will agree with you just to make a sale.  Your designer’s main goal should be to make you the most beautiful bride in the whole wide world!!  To achieve this, honesty and trust is very important from both sides.  Try to choose only three professional designers/bridal shops.  Too many options will cloud your mind and make it difficult in finding your dream wedding gown.



It is advisable to make the appointment a few weeks in advance and to keep your appointments at different designers/bridal shops close to each other.  Most professional designers/bridal shops are normally fully booked especially if they try to accommodate brides that come from far.  It’s always easier if this is done telephonically.   Your designer will need some information from you when making the appointment and it will be allot quicker than sending messages or emails back and forth.



It is best to only invite those who have your best interest at heart and whose opinion matters most to you.  Avoid unnecessary distraction and opinions that will interfere with this very important decision in finding the perfect gown.  Try to keep the bridal guests less than three.  Keep in mind that most studios and shops do not have space for a big group of people.  There must be enough space for you and your designer/consultant to move freely around when dressing you.



Always wear minimal amounts of makeup when trying on wedding gowns.  Most gowns are made in light colours and it can be difficult to remove foundation or lipstick marks from delicate fabrics and lace.  If you have long hair rather tie it in a ponytail or bun to prevent it from getting caught in the zipper or buttons.  Take a pair of heels even if you decide to wear flat shoes.



Remember you and your designer have to be on the same wave length.  If you don’t air your honest opinion about loving or hating it, your designer cannot assist you in finding your dream gown.

Close your eyes… FEEL!!!  Imagine yourself walking down the aisle.  Imagine dancing….turning and laughing.  Do you feel beautiful…happy…in love?  Then that is the ONE!!!


Enjoy this very special  journey and choose with your HEART.

 With love   –  Leehra Bridal

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