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Novella Bridal opened its doors in 2015 and has grown to be a popular choice with the public. Novella started in Bloemfontein with off the rack imported wedding gowns, but have since grown to include an in-house designer label called Eczotre, focusing on exclusivity and quality.

Novella bridal have also opened up designers toclients meaning that you can now have your dream wedding dress designed to your specifications. Novella  are truly a one stop, whether you are looking for a custom designed dress, off the rack or an exclusive label wedding dress.

Questions and Answers with Deone owner of Novella Bridal

How long before the wedding do you suggest brides start looking for there dream wedding gown??

The best time to start the process is at least 6 months before the wedding. I have found that this is the sweet spot in time management. Brides usually want to know this part of wedding planning is covered and won’t second guess her choice as it is only 6 months before the wedding.

How far before the wedding should you be contacted?

I think the sooner the better if you want to ensure your date. It will also give us proper time to discuss and get to know each other. If the skin needs preparations before the wedding or the hair colour needs to be corrected I would say at least 4 months.

How should a bride prep for her fitting??

Please read the terms carefully if a boutique sends them to you. From our boutique we ask that to not wear makeup when tou cone for a fitting as it is very difficult to clean makeup from light and delicate fabrics. We also ask that you wear aprropriate underwear as the consultant needs to assist you when getting dresses/undressed. If you are wearing your hair down it is best to bring a hair tie along.

If you have pictures of dresses you like, send them to the boutique in advance as this goes a long way into assisting your consultant to guide you in finding the perfect dress

What is your thoughts on bridal parties at fittings?

We understand that finding the perfect gown is a big step and that you would like all the people closest to you to be there and experience it with you, however having a big bridal party at your fitting is not a good idea. Everyone feels that they need to voice their opinion and the bride tends to want to please everyone. In that the bride forgets that the only person that really matters is he bride herself. We suggest that tou do a fitting with only 2-3 people with you (usually mom and siblings). When you have found the perfect dress, invite your bridal party to their own fitting with you. This way you avoid unnecessary distraction and conflict and it ensures that the bride’s voice is heard.

When do you know you have found the dress?

Not all brides are emotional brides, meaning that they would cry if theu found the dress. This has a lot to do with how you were brought up. Therefore I have found that a simple 5 questions helps with the desision. Dresses usually fall out with 1 or 2 of the question, therefore if you have a yes on all 5, you can stop your search.
The 5 questions are as follows;
1. Does the dress fit in your budget
2. Do you like the colour of the dress
3. Do you feel comfortable
4. Do you feel beautiful
5. Do you feel empowered.

Remember that the bridal couple will be the only people looking at the wedding photos for years to come, choose the dress that you like not what other people like. You do not want to look at your photos and think I should have picked something else.  You want to look at tour photos and remember how you felt wearing that dress.

Alterations, alterations alterations!

Remember that if buying a dress of the rack that they are made according to standard sizes, not to actual human beings. With this in mind alterations are then key, be open to them as tiny things like removing straps or adding them can Alter the look of a dress dramatically. Of you

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