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Karle Potgieter

About Karle Potgieter

Karle is internationaly qualified make-up artist and beautition with more than ten years of exsperience. 

Karle has worked alongside some of the industries biggest names. Working on televisions shows like Top Billing and other KykNet television programs. 

Wedding Day Make-up Do’s and Dont’s


  • Always go for a trial approximately a month before your wedding day. Make sure that you bring at least two references with you to the trial so that your make-up artist knows exactly what you have in mind.  She/he will then advise you whether what you have in mind will suit your complexion and face shape.


  • Rather go for HD airbrush than the old school cream foundation for your wedding. Although it is a little bit more expensive, it is a much better option as it sets completely so it will be smudge proof the entire day.


  • Make sure that your make-up is age appropriate on your big day; and that it compliments your personality.

  • Rather go for natural coloured eye shades as it is timeless and suits most skin colours.


  • Your make-up should be applied a lot darker than what you would normally wear, as your light coloured dress will take away from the colour on your face and you don’t want to look pale in all your photos.


  • Make sure that your make-up artist starts of by applying a primer before foundation as it has a lot of benefits like smoothing out imperfections, keeping your skin hydrated and making your make-up look fresh for longer.


  • Go for an eyebrow shape and tint at least two days prior to the wedding to make sure you do not have a rash. Your make-up artist will then just fill your brows in where necessary.


  • Lash enhancements is a must for your big day. It really opens up your eyes and make is pop in the photos.  I would prefer individual lashes instead of strip lashes, as it looks a lot more natural and your make-up artist can adjust it according to your preferences and what suit your eye shape.  Make sure she uses a waterproof mascara; in case you get a little bit emotional you do not want your mascara to run all over your face.


  • Always finishes of with a setting spray to ensure that your make-up lasts the entire day and it is smudge proof.


  • If your finances allow it, book your bridal crew with a professional make-up artist as well. They will be in a lot of your photos and you do not want them to get more attention than you do on your wedding; or not have any make-up on at all.


  • Never compromise when choosing your make-up artist. Rather cut on something else like guest gifts than choosing a cheaper make-up artist to save some money.  You will be in the spotlight and in thousands of photographs the entire day; you really want to look your best.


  • Don’t try to do your make-up yourself on your wedding day. You will be emotional, and you also need to relax prior to the biggest event of your life.  Rather leave it in a professional’s hand.


  • If you are planning to get a spray tan before your wedding day, never go to your make-up trial without the exact spray tan you will have on the day of your wedding. Your make-up artist needs to see if you are turning yellow/orange because your foundation needs to match the rest of your skin colour.  You would want to see if you shouldn’t go a shade or two lighter on that spray tan.


  • Don’t go for trends on your wedding day. You would rather want to try that on another day.  In fifteen years you still want to look at your wedding photos and think you looked amazing.


  • Do not go for facials or chemical peels approximately two weeks before your wedding as your skin can start to peel or you can get breakouts.


  • Don’t neglect your facial routine for about two months prior to your wedding day. Make sure your skin is exfoliated and hydrated and that you drink enough water every day to ensure your skin will be radiant and glowing.


  • Make sure your make-up artist does not use a foundation with a SPF in it as it will reflect white on your photographer’s camera.


  • Go for an eyebrow shape and tint at least two days prior to the wedding to make sure you do not have a rash. Your make-up artist will then just fill your brows in where necessary.

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