What to


Ok so your standing in front of your closet and you have no idea what to wear to your photoshoot.

First of all I am really hoping this is not the day of the photo shoot. The first tip is.

1. Plan Ahead

Don’t wait till the last minute to decide what to wear to your photoshoot. Leave enough time to go to the shop if required.

2. Choose a colour palette

This could be a whole challenge on its own.

So things you can consider is.

  • The colours of your house. Think where you would like to hang these photos.  What colours would work in that room
  • The colours your family already wear a lot. Everyone has a jean so choosing blue is a good colour. You can also add a warmer colour to blue. Just to give it a pop.
  • Consider what colours are in fashion. If you want to go with for example turquoise but it is not in fashion it will be hard to find clothing in that colour.
  • Consider the environment and if you want to stand out or blend in.
  • Avoid stark contrasts such as green and orange/red together, and yellows and purples juxtaposed. Complementary colors are more like warm tones (yellows, oranges, pinks, warm red and even warm greens) together and cool tones (blues, purples, greens) together.

3. Coordinate colours - DON’T MATCH

Stay away from everyone wearing the same thing. Please don’t everyone wear the same colour shirt and same colour pants. Rather stay within the colours you chose but add some individual flare.

4.  Don’t forget accessories

Scarfs, neclaces, ties even earings can be a great way to bring in a colour in a suttle way.


5. Don’t shy away from florals.

Use florals the same way you would use patterns.  Don’t over use to many diffrent florals. Combine them with solid colours.


6. Most importantly!

                          BE YOU

Show your own style, show personality just be you.

Stay away from!

1. Cartoons or Large prints on clothing

Yes, your little one may love their Paw patrol shirt, but you may want to skip it for the family photo session. Characters on shirts can be pretty distracting.

2. To many diffrent patterns. Make sure some people wear solids while other add patterns. To many patterns can be overwhelming.

3. Don’t do all white or all black!


Disclaimer - These are heavily influenced by my own style. Please feel free to show your style. Please be you!

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