Event Photography

Capturing Unforgettable Moments in Bloemfontein: Your Events, Our Expertise

At Mudboots Photography in Bloemfontein, we specialize in turning your special moments into timeless memories through our expert event photography services. Whether it’s the joyous celebration of a bridal shower, the warmth of a kitchen tea, the anticipation of a baby shower, the excitement of birthday parties, or the professionalism of corporate events – we’ve got you covered.


1 Hour: R2000

2 Hours: R3500

3 Hours: R4500

Half Day (4 Hours): R6,000

Full Day (8 Hours): R11,000

Additional Services

Studio Light Setup: From R450

Backdrop Hire: From R400

Additional Photographer: R1000 per hour 

Additional hours: R1500

Natural Beauty: Our event photography focuses on capturing the genuine moments, and we do not include any skin retouching in our services.

Flexible Packages: Choose the package that suits your event duration, from one hour to a full day, ensuring you get the coverage you need.

Affordable Add-Ons: Elevate your event with our studio light setup or backdrop hire, available at competitive rates.

Expertise: With Mudboots Photography in Bloemfontein, you can expect 50-100 professionally edited images per hour, depending on the event’s dynamics, decor, and crowd size.

Golf Day Events: Capture the excitement and camaraderie of golf enthusiasts as they navigate the course.

Festivals: Immortalize the vibrant atmosphere, diverse performances, and colorful moments of local festivals.

Birthday Celebrations: From the joy of children’s parties to milestone birthdays, preserve the special moments with artistic photography.

Bridal Showers: Document the pre-wedding celebrations, filled with laughter, games, and the warmth of friends and family.

End-of-Year Functions: Commemorate the achievements and camaraderie of teams with professional event photography.

Award Functions: Capture the anticipation, excitement, and recognition of outstanding achievements in various fields.

Corporate Events: From conferences to team-building activities, create a visual narrative of corporate events that reflects professionalism and engagement.

Product Launches: Showcase the unveiling of new products with impactful and visually appealing photography.

Concerts and Performances: Freeze the dynamic energy and artistic expressions of live performances, be it concerts, theater, or dance shows.

Exhibitions and Trade Shows: Document the showcases, innovations, and interactions at exhibitions and trade events.

Community Events: Support and celebrate local communities by covering events that bring people together.

Charity Events: Capture the heartwarming moments of giving and community support at charitable gatherings.

Networking Events: Preserve the connections, conversations, and collaborations at professional networking functions.

Fundraisers: Document the efforts and moments of generosity at fundraising events for various causes.

Wedding Anniversaries: Mark the milestones of enduring love and commitment with intimate anniversary celebrations.

Cultural and Religious Events: Capture the traditions, rituals, and cultural richness of diverse events.

Sports Events: Freeze the action and emotion of sports events, from local matches to larger tournaments.

Fashion Shows: Showcase the style, creativity, and runway moments of fashion events.

Book Launches: Document the excitement and literary achievements of authors as they launch their works.

Holiday Parties: Preserve the festive spirit and joyous moments of holiday gatherings and themed parties.

Mudboots Photography is dedicated to immortalizing the essence and uniqueness of each event, ensuring that every occasion is remembered through captivating and timeless images.

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